The key to living the law of attraction


Change your life in a good way with the key to living the law of attraction!


the key to living the law of attraction

If you want to achieve your dream whatsoever it may be, earning money, buying a new home or a luxury car, going on a vacation, marrying your crush or any other thing, you can definitely have all of this, but what you need to do is shift your focus to, ‘on what you can do instead of what you can’t do’. You can change your whole life if you know how to make use of the key to living the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is all about ‘like attracting likes’, which means knowingly or unknowingly we are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences, thoughts in our lives. The main part of the law of attraction is to understand that where you place your focus will have a powerful impact on what happens to you. Suppose if you are spending your days thinking about bad things that happened to you in the past or the bad that can happen in future, then you are attracting more and more negativity in your life which will give you negative results. But, if you look for the positive in every experience, then you will be attracting more positivity and everything good will happen to you. So the law of attraction makes you realize that you have the total control over your future developments, what you have to do is just have faith in yourself.

There is no doubt that you can become what you think you want to or can achieve what you want, but one of the main reasons why you fail to achieve what you want in your life is because you actually don’t want what you think you want.  For example, you want to make a lot of money and who doesn’t love to make money, obviously, we all want money, but what matters is, are you putting your time and effort in making that happen. Or many times it can be that you really don’t want money, but the things, the experience that money can buy. You want money because you might want to go on a long vacation or may be to buy the clothes of the top-notch brand which you can’t afford right now with the money you are earning.

Then your desire is not to earn more money, but to do all these things and this is what you have to focus on. So the law of attraction says that you should focus on these desires and this will motivate you to put strong efforts in earning money.

Making the use of the law of attraction in your life and having an open mind to the possibilities that surround you will help you to transform yourself into a successful person that you always wished for but never believed in.

You can also have the look at some of the law of attraction success stories which will definitely inspire you to make the use of the law of attraction in your life:

  • Law of attraction success story : Beginning of the website

This is the story of the nutritionist who began her career with big dreams and achieving the same was becoming more and more stressful for her and making her restless. But then she learned about the magical power, gratitude and when she started practicing it, everything good happened to her. Soon, she started getting more and more clients who loved her work and also got many invites for workshops and speeches. With this, she witnessed the huge flow of money and finally got the chance to start her own website which she wanted to start since many years but was clueless about where to start.

  • Law of attraction success story : finding the dream job

This story is about the unemployed person, who always complained about never finding the job he wanted even though he tried very hard. He wondered how the employed people got the same job he always desired to do and why he failed in the same. But with the Law of attraction, he learned that his negative thoughts and the lack of confidence and faith in himself that no employer will hire him always prevented him from getting his dream job. Soon he started focusing on the positive qualities and waved off the negativity from his mind and this is what helped him get his dream job.

So, basically from the law of attraction stories, it can be said that if you want success in small aspects of your life or want to achieve big-time prosperity, you have to fill yourself with the positive thoughts and never doubt your capabilities even for a second and the achievement can be yours.

The law of attraction also works great if you are having the trouble in your relationship. Let’s take a look how to use the law of attraction for relationships:

If you are the one who is having trouble in the relationship and want to improve your relationship, then follow the vital aspect of the law of attraction- gratitude!

When you are for a longer period of time in any relationship, it is obvious you start taking each other for granted and forget what you love about that person. You also stop appreciating the things about each other that you might used to do earlier.

The worst part is that gratitude the most important element in the relationship takes the back seat and if at all any negative feeling develops for each other, the gratitude is further lost.

So, to mend your relationship with your spouse or girlfriend or partner, focus and concentrate on everything that you are grateful for having in that other person and clear all the negative thoughts and emotions that you have for that person. This is the fantastic way to maintain the spark in your relationship.

Also, the other important thing you should do is love yourself because loving yourself tells the universe that you are worth loving. By filling your mind with positive thoughts, gratitude and love for yourself, your ability to love others and be loved back will excel.

So, the key to living the law of attraction teaches you that you are the only one with the control to create the life you want for yourself. Just put positive energy into your every thought and action and you will find joy in your career, relationship, business, or wealth.

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