Enjoying life after quitting weed timeline

Quit Marijuana, Life after Quitting Weed

life after quitting weed timeline

I am not shy to acknowledge that I smoked consistently for a large part of my life. But after a couple of years, I realized that everything about weed was more of an illusion. It was definitely not reality and it took me away from reality all the more.

I wanted to quit weed. I wanted to lead a normal life after quitting weed.

I wouldn’t lie. It wasn’t easy in the beginning. Initially, I tried quitting, and relapsed within a week. I realized that weed withdrawal anxiety and weed withdrawal depression was real.

But I kept trying. I was adamant and was ready to do whatever it took to get my life back on track. So after a relatively long period of trial and error, I finally managed to quit weed. It took me six attempts to reach a point where I didn’t want to do anything with it.

why is quitting smoking weed so hard :

When I started smoking pot, my friends told me it isn’t really addictive and doesn’t come with any withdrawal symptoms. But that is far from truth. Nothing is more difficult than trying to quit weed and things get tad harder when you’ve been smoking for a long time. But this doesn’t mean you can’t quit weed. Don’t let this hard truth discourage you. I quit weed and saw my whole world transform before my eyes. I realized how beautiful life is.

So if you’re someone who wants to quit weed or are wondering how to stop someone from smoking weed, here’s some good motivation that can help you.

Quitting weed timeline

First things first, when I finally decided to leave weed and actually started with it, life seemed more than just difficult. During the first couple of days I would simply be wondering if everything that was happening was actually’ real. I questioned everyone and became increasingly arrogant. Every little thing bugged me.

1st day to 4th week- The first two weeks were terrible. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t work. I had bouts of anxiety and depression. The urge too was indomitable. But with time, I realized that this was my life now and I had no other option than to drive my concentration into something new. So I started watching a lot of movies and indulged myself in reading. I loved reading and it was amazing how leaving weed soon reconnected me with my old hobby. Although I did get bouts of depression, now and then, I soon got accustomed with my new life. By the fourth week, I was no longer was listless or irritated at the drop of a hat. I became more optimistic, enthusiastic and could connect much better with my friends and family.

Although things were terribly difficult during the first few weeks, by the time I reached the fifth week, I started caring less about it. Five weeks after this arduous journey, I started feeling wonderful. I started reading Macbeth, because I could. I started with a fitness regime, because I could. My concentration was back, and life felt amazing.

5 weeks to 3 months- After three months, I realized that I felt better both physically and emotionally. My blood circulation increased and walking was easier. I never felt as active before this. According to reports from doctors, the rate of heart attack is also likely to reduce within 3 months after you quit weed.

6 months to 9 months- During this time, my breathing was much easier. This happens because the Celia starts growing once again and its functionality too increases. At this point of time, I experienced a significant boost in my energy. It also improved the levels of immunity and helped me drive away mucus and infection. Quitting changed my life and I was able to perform my daily chores with more ease and flexibility. This is also one of the main reasons why you should stop smoking weed.

1 year to 5 years – I quit weed for more than two years now, and right now, my health is as awesome as I always wanted. My risks of getting heart attack, stroke and other cardiac ailments have been reduced to a large extent. According to a couple of friends who quit weed for more than 5 years, life will be way simpler and health issues will be lesser. By the time you reach five year, the proximity of heart problems will be equal to the non smokers. This happens due to the increase of oxygen levels in our system which significant reduces the stress and widens the structure of blood vessels.

How my life really changed

In the following section, I’ll talk about the aspects that have been most impacted after I left weed.

Better mental clarity – One of the biggest changes I witnessed when I quit weed was immense mental clarity. Initially, I used to forget a lot of names, facts and simple things. It was as if I lived in a fog. But after I quit weed, I saw a visible change in my level of concentration. I could focus on my goals better and could concentrate on everything that I needed to.

Better creativity – Something that I ritualistically did while smoking weed was playing the guitar. I felt that I was more creative when I do so. And after a point of time, I reached a stage where I couldn’t enjoy the guitar sessions without smoking pot. But now that I have left weed, I realize what great an illusion that was. In the process of smoking and jamming, I was literally investing my creative power and energy on a drug. When I finally managed to quit, and was out of that brain freeze state I started enjoying playing all the more. Within a month of quitting, my creativity increased in ten folds. I started getting more interested in doing the things I loved, and I started enjoying them more than ever.

More independent – As a chronic smoker of weed, I couldn’t really go anywhere without getting an urge to smoke first. I was at that of point of time in life where I could not enjoy anything without being high. I was depending on a certain thing other than my own self for being happy and enjoying life. But as I left weed, I realized nothing can be as dis-empowering than this. I realized that we do not really have to depend on anything to be happy. The idea of dependence is nothing more than an illusion.

It’s been 2 years since I have quit weed and I am enjoying every bit of my life right now. So get going right away, for a stronger fitter and healthier version of yourself.

And finally…the bottom line it’s pretty obvious you’re not alone and that this is a real problem for a lot of people.
But it’s a problem that can be solved
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