Bow Legs Correction Exercise Once & For All

bow legs correction exercise

Bowlegs are a common phenomenon in contemporary society. Technically, the medical community refers to this condition as Genu Varum. It occurs when a person’s legs bend outwards. In other words, they assume a bow shape hence the name bowlegs. Genu varum has five primary causes namely Blount’s disease, fluoride poisoning, rickets, abnormal bone growth, and fractures that did not heal correctly. Usually, people who have it resort to surgery to deal with it. Unfortunately, the best solution to this kind of problem is not surgery because of the risks associated with it. These risks include nerve damage, scarring, bleeding, fluid buildup, infection, and anesthetic complications among others. Fortunately, natural bowlegs treatment exists. Here are some of them.

– Work on Your Adductor Muscles

bow legs correction exercise

These muscles form the inner part of your thigh. Their job is to move your leg towards the midline of your body. Adductor muscles contract to achieve this goal. You cannot bring your knees together if these muscles are weak. You should note that people with bowlegs find it difficult to bring their knees together. Therefore, working on your adductor muscles would help you do that.

You can start by lying on your side. Support your head with one hand and then stretch out the other one so that you can balance your body. Move one leg close to the hand that is supporting your head. Return it to its original position and then move the second leg in the same way. Repeat these steps ten times.

Lay on your side again. Support your head with one hand as you stretch out the other. Move one leg close to the hand supporting your head and then rotate the other leg from the ankle. Keep turning it for about three seconds and then repeat the same exercise with the other leg. Repeat this exercise ten times.

– Yoga Is Fun and Helpful

bow legs correction exercise

Yoga is an ancient Hindu art of physical, spiritual, and mental meditation. It is so popular that the world marks June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. It comprises of various postures. In this case, yoga would help you solve bow legs in adults by improving the shape of your lower limbs. You can start by bringing your knees together as much as it is possible for you to do so. Then you should assume various yoga postures including forward bends and cow face. Other poses you should try include big toe, bound angle, bridge, and half frog among others. You should perform these exercises twice a day. Improve your poses each time. Your alignment and flexibility will improve because of these poses.

– Pilates Is Relatively New, But It Is Effective

bow legs correction exercise

Unlike yoga, Pilates is not an ancient practice. In fact, Pilates came into existence in the 1930s and 1940s when a German trainer known as Joseph Pilates developed this exercising technique. He called it Contrology, but the name did not last. Instead, people choose to name it after him instead of using the name he had suggested for it.

In this bow legs correction exercise, you lie on your back. Then you put your feet together before you lift and then lower them. You should repeat this exercise 10 times for each session. Increase the frequency to 20 times for every session. You should do so gradually.

Start lifting your torso as soon as you become used to this exercise. You should also tighten your abdominal and back muscles while you are at it. This exercise helps you in multiple ways. More specifically, it will improve your flexibility, correct your body posture, and realign you bow legs. Moreover, this bow legged cure is suitable for adults because it increases your body strength.

– Strengthening the Muscles That Are Close To Your Knees

bow legs correction exercise

Your leg muscles are critical when it comes to correcting bowlegs. Knees muscles are of particular importance because of the bow forms at the knees. In other words, the outward point of Bowlegs is at the knees. Therefore, you have to strengthen the muscles at this point so that the bow can stop moving outward and reverse if possible.

You can start by lying on your back. You can then place a weight between your feet. It should be 10 pounds. Hold it between your feet then bend your legs at the knee until your feet make contact with your behind. Extend your legs after making this contact and then bend them as you did previously. Keep repeating the bow legs fix until you have done five rounds.

You should do this exercise three times each day. Increase the number of rounds as you get used to it. The maximum number each time should be ten. Additionally, you should use heavier weights as time goes. However, do not use more weight than your body can handle. Instead, use realistic weights so that you do not hurt yourself while doing these exercises.

– Correcting Bowlegs in Minors

bow legs correction exercise

Bones in kids are flexible because they are still in the process of formation. That means you can fix bowlegs more quickly in children than you can in adults. For example, something as simple as massage therapy can work on kids.

In this case, the kid lies on his back. He bends his knees and then pushes them back towards his chest before pushing them forward. The child repeats this exercise for six minutes each session. He should do so for a long time. You should know that massage therapy works when the child is still in his initial stages of development.

Another remedy for kids is using medical braces. These braces limit the outward growth of bowlegs. The child can also wear these devices if he suffers from other medical conditions that weaken his bones. Alternatives to braces include special shoes and casts.

Finally, you should note that Rickets is a possible cause of bowlegs as stated earlier. This disease mostly occurs in children. Kids will develop it if they do not get enough Vitamin D, calcium, or phosphorus in their diet. The absence of these nutrients leads to deformities and fractures resulting in Bowlegs. Unfortunately, Rickets is one of the most common diseases among children in the developing world. Some kids in developed countries also suffer from it. Taking supplements of Vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus can help you fight Rickets in your child and as such, reverse his bowlegs. Do not give him a supplement for these three nutrients. Instead, only give him supplements for the particular nutrient that he lacks i.e. Vitamin D, calcium, or phosphorus.

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